Some of my favourite educational TV and radio shows that I try to catch either every day or every now and then: (This is a very good children's program with numerous educational shows through its Superbook, teaching very good lessons for life for children. These Superbook DVD programs can be purchased for replay at will by your children.) (uncensored news that the Communist, New World Order, World Socialists, International Financiers, Homosexuals, Lesbians, and Muslims do not want you to know about or watch.) ; (another uncensored news program by Christian patriotic people.) (the most private search page browser that does not keep track of who you are and what you are searching for.) (news from a different perspective without American big business and NWO censorship. It is from Russia Today.); (an alternate Russia Today website); (a tremendous informational radio program on health, nutrition, false flags, conspiracies, weather modifications, etc., by patriotic Christians with interviews of experts on the above subjects and more.) (amazing program of healings, miracles, deliverance from demonic possession, and testimonies of reversals in health, marriage problems, and trying circumstances, hosted by prophet T. B. Joshua and three or more of his evangelists who also deliver people from their problems brought about by sin and by the devil.); (the main church of the above pastor with links to special helps and needs); and (tremendous ministry from India with ministries in USA and other countries. The main minister seems to be Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj A Prophet to the Nations. He was brought up in a Hindu family.) (good programs on health, nutrition, and history); (very good on coming events through prophecy); (great guests who often have experience miracles or have seen angels); (for watching special programs such as this on saving money through new inventions or other programs on prophecy, miracles, etc., just type in the topics you are looking for) and

Controversy over the change of pitch for musical note A to 440Hz Rockefeller and psychological warfare Cymascope, music, electromagnetic war on humanity stress anti-social behaviour